IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale
IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale

IQ Smart Wireless Nutrition Scale

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Work Smarter in the kitchen using this unique wireless nutrition scale. Use as a kitchen scale to weigh solid and liquid ingredients for baking and everyday meal prep. Use with the KitchenIQ Food App to count calories, carbs, protein and sodium along with other nutritional elements. Helps keep track of daily food consumption and provides a calories consumption chart on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis. #WorkSmarter


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Collect and track your nutritional intake and calories on the KitchenIQ app that connects with this wireless digital kitchen scale. KitchenIQ Food application available for use on most smart devices


•Weighs up to 11 lbs.

•High precision strain gauge sensor.

•Zero, tare and mode conversion with touch button.

  • Low battery power / Overload indication.
  • Wireless communication with most smart devices.M
  • Measure calories, sodium, fat, protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol and dietary fiber.
  • Metric and Imperial ;  Weight and volume measurements. 
  • Requires 2 -  AAA Batteries (not included).

*To track accurately be sure to add all food consumed, not just foods weighed on the scale.



This application uses BLE or your wireless connection to transmit data from the KitchenIQ Wireless Scale allowing you to track your daily food intake. Your phone now can become  your personal calorie tracker.

Use this application to:

  1. Transmit data via BTE or wireless connections to and from the KitchenIQ Wireless Scale.

  2. Automatically transmits and saves your personal dietary data.

  3. Helps determine the nutritional value of your daily food intake.

  4. Creates your own individual graph of your daily diet data.

  5. Saves your data to Apple’s heath kit.

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Software Instruction

1. Make sure Bluetooth is on:

a. Go to the “Settings > Bluetooth” to turn it on.

b. Tap on the platform of scale to turn it on while using and for data



*The product is Bluetooth 4.0 supported, and require iOS 7.0/

Android 4.3 or later. It may be compatible with iPhone4s or later,

Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One, Huawei Honor 6, etc. This App is

not optimized for tablet.

2. Complete your profile:

Please fill in your personal profile before using our app. We will never

share this information. It helps us make your measurements more

accurate and provide you a suggestion of Calorie intake to maintain

your weight or achieve your weight goal, and etc.

3. The first time you use the device connect the device with the App

Follow the connecting procedure, step by step, to connect the devices

before using.

(1) (2)

(3) (4)

4. Weigh and check nutrients and calorie of the food

a. Choose the food by searching the database

b. Put that food on the scale, main nutrient and calorie showed on the


Devices disconnected

Devices connected

c. Click “”to save the current record of nutrients and calorie to your


5. Track your nutrients and calorie intake versus your goal

a. Every measurement and record will be shown here, the diary, for

monitoring and review. You may also add the food weight

manually when the connected devices are not available. This will

allow you to not miss any entries, which is important part of your

daily record.

b. At the end of diary, you can see your nutrients intake versus the

goal you set, here you may make notes of any comments and

reminders relating to that diary.

6. Track those nutrients and calorie intake as a line chart

Swipe the chart left and right to switch those main nutrients line chart

for reference.

7. Settings options

a. Add more users or more devices

b. Set your calorie and nutrients goal according to your preference or

better to the medical advices

Privacy Policy

KitchenIQ™ is registered trademark of Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc. 747 Mid-America Boulevard, Hot Springs, AR USA 71913. It is our policy to be totally transparent as to how we process your personal data.

If you do not find the answer to your questions in this document, feel free to contact us through this email:

1. What data is collected?

The use of KitchenIQ’s product requests data to be collected via Apple Health Kit for your continual reference of your health. This data identifies you indirectly, we don’t collect your personal data.

Data that identifies you indirectly includes your weight, body fat, height, BMI, carbohydrates, dietary cholesterol, etc.

The protection of your data is a priority for us and we protect with the highest level of security.

2. How are you able to control your personal data?

We believe that you should always have the ability to protect your privacy when you use connected objects. At KitchenIQ we promise to support you and protect your privacy as fully as possible by guaranteeing you the following rights:

  • Right to access your data

Your personal data is and shall remain easily accessible. You can easily keep and access to them in our Applications.

  • Right to amend your data

At any time you may amend, add to, delete or update the personal data produced by an active measurement on your part. This may be done directly in the application or on request.

  • Right to protect your data

At KitchenIQ, we use various methods to safeguard your data. You need to have a password-protected account to access your data.

  • Right to control your data sharing

We have designed and developed a dashboard that shows you clearly with whom you have shared your data. This tool has been conceived to allow you to control and stop the sharing of your data.

  • Right to be forgotten: deletion of your account

At KitchenIQ we give you the right to remove data that identifies you directly by deleting your profile.

3. What data is collected and when?

When you create a KitchenIQ account

Creating your profile allows you to use KitchenIQ ’applications. It allows you to access and control your personal data. Here only your height will be collected and transferred to Apple Health.

When you use our applications

Using our applications, you can use KitchenIQ’s products, interact with them and access all features offered by KitchenIQ.

To that end, certain data is communicated to Apple Health when you download, install and use features of the application. This is the case when you share information such as measurements, weight, etc. 

When you activate and use a KitchenIQ product

KitchenIQ’s products and applications collect data, enabling monitoring by their accumulation. When you use a KitchenIQ product, you will be asked to download the KitchenIQ application and create your profile. Certain features are only accessible by means of a connection between your product and the application.

Your data is transmitted to Apple Health when completed with our applications.

4. How long do we retain your personal data?

Apart from where the law stipulates a specific period, we retain your personal data for a period not exceeding the period required for the purposes for which it was collected and processed. We therefore retain your personal data attached to your account until the account deletion.

5. Where is your personal data stored?

To guarantee the security of your data, it is stored and processed on Apple Health Server. 

6. How do I delete my KitchenIQ account?

We allow you to delete your account in the Application directly. The data which identifies you directly will then be deleted completely in KitchenIQ’s Application without backups.

7. Can the privacy policy change?

We may change our privacy policy to adapt to your needs, to the evolution of the legal framework or when we further develop our products and services. We shall inform you of any modification performed.

Updated on January 11, 2016.

Versions:  January 11, 2016