Pizza Wheel Sharpener
Pizza Wheel Sharpener

Pizza Wheel Sharpener

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Sharpening traditional style pizza wheels has never truly been an option. Leave it to the Edge Experts® at Smith’s to take on that challenge.


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KitchenIQ has developed a uniquely designed sharpener that will realign the blade of a traditional pizza wheel. A dull pizza wheel is quickly sharpened with just a few rolls through the sharpener’s unique ceramic rods. Regular maintenance on this sharpener will prolong the life of a pizza wheel making the task of cutting pizza and pastries quicker.


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• Ceramic sharpening rods
• Non-slip base

• Ceramic sharpening rods quickly realign and polish the edge of most styles of pizza wheels.
• Easy to use, simply roll through the sharpening stones a few times.
• The non-slip bottom provides stability when sharpening.
• Use to sharpen pizza wheels for use on pizza’s and pastries.