The Grate Ginger Tool
The Grate Ginger Tool

The Grate Ginger Tool

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Peel, slice, grate & juice fresh ginger and other aromatics ( garlic) with one tool.


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This one tool can peel, grate, slice and extract juice. The non-stick coatings and v-shaped teeth make grating or slicing fibrous ginger effortless. Easily cuts through the root while creating a grated ginger paste or thin slice. Clean-up is quick and easy. Design of spoon mimics the shape of an actual spoon and quickly allows peeling of the skin from the root. The tool includes a dual sided container that features a squeegee. This squeegee runs along the back of the grater blade to remove the wet grated ginger. The opposite side of the container holds the sliced ginger. Use the cover from the grater blade as a juice extractor. Simply place it over the grated ginger and gently press producing fresh ginger juice to add to drinks and dressings.  

  • Fantastic tool!!!

    I just received my ginger grater. I love it!!! It is well thought out and well made. I can think of lots of uses for besides ginger. Great tool!!!! — Posted by Barb on 08/22/2014

  • Genius

    I received this for Christmas and have used it every single day since. The multiple components are incredibly well thought out and the design works perfectly. — Posted by shannon on 01/08/2015

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  • Non-stick stainless steel coated v-etched blade
  • Non-stick slicing blade
  • Cover for extracting juice and protecting the grater blade
  • Dual sided container
  • Peeling spoon
  • Proprietary technology squeegee by KitchenIQ
  • Compact size—4 tools in 1
  • Non-slip base
  • Dishwasher Safe—Top Rack Only
  • Can also be used for other aromatics (garlic, daikon, horseradish, etc)

Ginger is an aromatic herb which was first cultivated in tropical Southeast Asia and has now spread to countries in Africa and the Caribbean. The root is a spicy herb that is used in dishes from across the globe. Not only does this root taste delicious, but it also has a number of benefits and can treat common ailments.

·          Anti-inflammatory

·          Antioxidant

·          Immune boosting properties

·          Helps to alleviate many types of stomach problems such as gas, menstrual cramps, and nausea

·          Good for arthritis, back pain and some headaches

·          It is even suggested that is aids in fighting off ovarian cancer


To Peel : Remove spoon and run across skin of ginger.

To Grate:  Run peeled ginger over the circular blade. Grated ginger is removed when squeegee inside the container is removed.

To Juice: First grate the ginger and remove the tray. Place the clear cover over the grated ginger in the tray and squeeze lightly over a bowl to catch the juice.

To Slice: Run the peeled ginger over the slicing blade. Be sure to keep finger clear of the blade. Remove the tray to show ginger slices.

Caution: Blades are sharp. Always use care when grating and slicing. Keep fingers clear of the blades.